Grand Theft Auto 5 REVIEW


This game is absolutely amazing. on PC it’s a little odd due to the mouse and keyboard. But the game is full of a vast open world with almost endless chances to have fun solo or with a group. Heists and races are only the start, even can climb your way into being a CEO of a major company.


The Graphics for this game are a little dated, being released in 2013 but the online game play is what we are really after here.


This is where the real meat of the game is, constant updates from Rockstar games bringing even more content into this game for usually no cost. Heists and constant mission updates, new cars and even f****** tanks are in this game. drive around a want to be LA and have the time of your life.


Off of content alone this game deserves a 10/10 but me being me, i won’t give any game a 10/10 so im going to through a solid 9.5/10. Get the game people.

Sea of Thieves Review

Sea of Thieves is an open world pirate based games where you and your friends can try hard to live the life of a pirate. While this may be the only game on this blog that i actually enjoy, I’ve been extremely addicted to it and figured i’d try my hand in reviewing it, so here we go.


While the game play in Sea of Thieves or “SoT” for short, has very fast and easy to pick up mechanics, i would not say that the game is easy to learn. A lot of the PVP revolves around being the first to get a shot off or being the last to be seen while boarding another group of pirates ship.


I would personally say that the graphics in this game are very easy to run on most gaming machines and also are very fun to look at. In a lot of cases me and my friends would stop to look at the sunset right before a giant 100 foot shark would bite the side of our ship and bring us down into the depths of the sea. Running this on an I7 6700k, ASUS 1070oc and 16gb of ddr4 ram i saw zero issue in performance, even while running it on a 32inch curved monitor.


While i wouldn’t give this game a perfect 10/10 i would say it very easily falls into the 8/10 – 9/10 range. 100% pick it up and get sailing with your friends in open water! and make sure you don’t get caught by the kraken.