Grand Theft Auto 5 REVIEW


This game is absolutely amazing. on PC it’s a little odd due to the mouse and keyboard. But the game is full of a vast open world with almost endless chances to have fun solo or with a group. Heists and races are only the start, even can climb your way into being a CEO of a major company.


The Graphics for this game are a little dated, being released in 2013 but the online game play is what we are really after here.


This is where the real meat of the game is, constant updates from Rockstar games bringing even more content into this game for usually no cost. Heists and constant mission updates, new cars and even f****** tanks are in this game. drive around a want to be LA and have the time of your life.


Off of content alone this game deserves a 10/10 but me being me, i won’t give any game a 10/10 so im going to through a solid 9.5/10. Get the game people.

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