SCUM Review

Main loading screen and icon for the game.


This is an odd one, if you aren’t into survival games or zombie games i don’t think you will enjoy this one. It’s all about eating, drinking and trying not to die. Most of this game consists of walking for an extremely long period of time and then trying to find something to eat, maybe find a gun but no ammo. Finally with the latest update they added cars, the map is giant and trying to walk about 24/7 turns out to be a bigger problem then you would think at the start of playing the game. But with all that being said i have put more then 400+ hours into this game with no end in sight. Constant fun of shooting and looting with your friends is a lot of fun and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Sometimes, stealthy is better.


This is kind of “in the eyes of the beholder” kind of thing, i for one love the look of this game and could play it for hours and hours without getting tired of it. I think in today’s society we look to much into graphics and not enough into gameplay. So for me the graphics don’t take away from the game but it also doesn’t really add anything either.

we call this one the “thinking man”


Okay now this is where the game truly shines, playing with friends for hours trying to set up a base and keep it locked down and hope that one day you log back on someone hasn’t figured out where all of your stuff is. Running around all day trying to loot bunkers and bases. The grind for looting is what keeps you moving everyday. the vast open map is honestly mind blowing how much there is in this game to explore and find, and the company constantly adds updates and tries to make the game more enjoying. Hotfixes and content are constant things you will see on the Steam page.

Starting off into the game with some friends.


With updates for stability and constant content updates and an open conversation with the development team, i will easilyhave to give this game a 8/10 it would be higher when some of the bugs get worked out and if they would ever allow another company to host servers for them. (g-portal is a mess) and in private servers the ability to set up max loot and more or less zombies is just insanely fun, you will get way more content and enjoyment out of this game then most AAA title games, and for $20 price tag that is a steal.

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