Outward Review


Gameplay for outward is a bit of a weird one, this isn’t any regular RPG. Outward is more about the journey then the destination, combining things we all know like a leveling and skill system, with more of a survival based game. Things you have to be afraid of in this game are monsters and the common cold, you can get sickness and become dehydrated and starving in this game. Constantly checking the map will do nothing for you, it does not show your location as the game wants you to venture out of your comfort zone and explore the beautiful world. Combat would be something more alike to Dark Souls as it would be to say a Skyrim. But after some time to adjust you should get the hang of it.


I don’t even know where to start on how beautiful this game is. From the moment you step into this fantasy world you are greeted with beautiful visuals, and a constant understanding of how small you are in this world. so many caves and mountains and different cities and towns, one thing you will not be disappointed by is how beautiful this game is.


No online play in this game, which i know it kind of odd in how today’s world is when it comes to gaming. What this game does have is true co-op, grab a friend and jump into this world and explore. you can do absolutely everything in this game with a friend, from the started missions until the end. That is something the gaming world has been missing for a long time, and i am welcoming it as much as possible.


I think it be kind of obvious how much i enjoy this game, i have put a lot of time solo and with friends, and today’s lack of true gaming experiences (aka games not sold as a “live service”) i think all owe Deep Sliver a giant thank you for making a game actually worth our time and energy. Game is an easy 10/10, buy it.

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