Rocket league Review


I don’t know where to start with this game. It is soccer but with cars, you drive around in an RC car and hit an oversized soccer ball into a goal, You don’t get a game better. the only negative i would have about this game is very large skill gap at the start. You have to actually practice this game and learn the movements if you want to have any chance of being semi decent.


Rocket League has a certain look about it that you can spot from a mile away, no other game captures the eye like Rocket League does. The arcade look of this game and the colors are really something beautiful.


Online play in Rocket League is the bread and butter of this competitive game, Singleplayer is really only for practice, placing the ball in certain awkward areas so you’d learn how to counter someone else’s play style. Rocket League even has its own pro league, RLC which plays in certain large arenas for a prize pool.


I would easily give this game a 8/10, i would go even higher if the learning curve for the game was less steep. Being a new player in this game is really punishing, as it should be. But from looking at the game as not a veteran player i would have to lower my original score of a 9/10.

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