Runescape Review


Okay i mean, come on. One of the first video games i ever played and still play to this day, the grinding of levels to get my first 99, to my first time slaying the queen black dragon. This game sucks your life away until the only thing you think about is when is the next time i will be able to log in. Being developed as a browser based game from 2001 until finally having a client, this game is still just as amazing now as it was in 2006 when i first logged into my account.


No one can ever tell me Runescape isn’t a beautiful game, you might not think it is super flashy but from where it first started it looks amazing. What matters in this game tho isn’t the graphics tho, it’s the time you spend on your character, the grind of getting every skill to 99 and getting a skill cape, and collecting as much GP as humanly possible.


Well, this game is only playable online. from 2001 until now it has been one of the most played MMORPGs on the market, being as it is Free2Play as well as offering a subscription based membership which unlocks even more content and skills for you to explore. I have had my membership constantly being renewed since 2015 and i don’t see myself letting it run out anytime soon.


Two 10/10s back to back? this is gotta be a record. Diving into the games of my past and future 100% plays a roll onto the score of these games, you may not think it’s a 10/10 but hey, it’s my blog so get over it.

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