Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review


This game seems to be the one that will never die, no matter how many years separate this game from it’s launch date it never dies. From November 11, 2011 until April 23, 2019 this game is still being played by every single one of my friends, and i don’t see that ever stopping.


from starting off as a prisoner to exploring one of the most beautiful and largest map in Elder Scrolls history, i must say this game really is what you make of it. You can complete the main story and save the side stuff until later or you can dive straight into running around as a thief, or get into the mages guild and explore that. Everything you do in this game feels important, and at no time will you feel like you have wasted time doing something.


Are they dated? of course, this game was released in 2011. But is it something that is so easy to overcome? absolutely, it is still beautiful, and with Mods and the remastered version available it’s not anything to worry about, and you will still love every second of it.


Skyrim is a 100% a singleplayer experience, but what makes this game so amazing is the modding community. if you want to make all the dragons in this game chickens, i am almost 100% positive you can find a mod for it. Even if you want to make this game multiplayer they have a mod so your friends can join in on the adventure they have it. Making the game look even better with mods is something some passionate people have done, it makes the gaming endlessly enjoyable, and one of the reason this game has stayed in the spotlight for so many years.


This is once again a game i must give a 10/10, i feel like it’s becoming a theme. The games i play through until the end and after are games that i enjoy. I am coming to force myself to play some new and different games and try and add some spice to the reviews.

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