World War Z Review


If you love Left 4 Dead you will love this game, taking elements from past zombie games and mixing it in with the new graphics and the ability to spawn it feels like thousands of zombies at once. This game gets the blood pumping with different difficulty settings, and all out zombie mayhem.


I said this before while i was playing this game, it feels like someone modded The Division 2 and added a horde mode. And i have for one don’t think this is a bad idea, not every game that comes out needs to be some epic life changing game. It just has to be fun, and for $40 you can’t get more fun then shooting hundreds and hundreds of zombies with your friends and while laughing the whole time at how stupid certain certain situations are. The missions are very similar throughout the whole game, while you do get to change characters and even countries you are in, it doesn’t really change what the game is. “Left 4 Dead in The Division” but it is well worth the money you spend on it.


Being built off of The Division assets this game is beautiful, Running on my decently powered PC i ran into zero issues running and recording this game. 1080p, 60fps is what this game was made for, and the optimization is top notch.


The beauty of this game is the online play, having multiple game modes to play in makes this game have what seems like endless hours of fun with your friends. Even the competitive game modes are a lot of fun, and i didn’t expect to like any of that as much as i did. World War Z was meant to be played with friends, and once you get used to it, try and crank the difficulty up and see how long you and some buddies can last.


I would love to give this game a perfect score, but it is mostly just copied and pasted assets from another game which surely has to knock the game down a few pegs. It still is very much worth the money at only $40 compared to a $60 AAA release, and i think we need to reward companies who are fair with the prices of products they are selling and the game is easily a 8/10 and with no micro transactions that i can see as of yet, it brings it up a little.

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