Battlefield 5 Review


As a huge battlefield fan i must say that i was really upset with BF5, avoiding the horrible PR by EA/Dice the overall product just wasn’t what i wanted it to be. It’s hard not to connect experiences i have with new Battlefield games with the old ones that i would pour hours of my time in. this game seems like a water downed micro hungry game that EA is becoming known for, and i don’t like it.


Game play isn’t terrible, and i don’t think Dice sways to far from the core game play that at least made BF1 a success. The problems i have for this game are deeper than that, and honestly might be the reason i have such a problem with this game. You can expect normal game modes, conquest, rush and team deathmatch, all the other ground breaking modes they talked about during the launch of the game weren’t even playable when i gave the game a shot so i have no opinions on them.


Everyone knows that Dice knows how to make beautiful looking games, BF5 isn’t one them. in the terms of Battlefield games at least. It doesn’t look or feel like a battlefield game to me, it looks and feels like Battlefront (EA/Dice’s Star Wars game) I feel like they have strayed away from BF3 and Bad Company and have given us a copy pasted game with a forgettable story.


You might think you “hey Dice wasn’t Tryarch and at least they gave us a singeplayer for the $60 we paid) you’d be right, but it’s historically inaccurate and honestly very forgettable. Online is what this game has always been about and even tho i’ve enjoyed the singeplayer from most Battlefield games, you can tell this just was an afterthought. Like i said earlier if you’ve played Battlefield 1 then you won’t be far from home inside BF5 and should be able to pick it up pretty easily, i just got bored very fast and put this game down about 4 days into it.


6/10 easy, above average and not terrible, but lately if you’ve played one game you have played them all. I would say save your money and try something else, like World War Z or Runescape.

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