League of Legends: Opinions


This won’t be a review of LoL, honestly because to much goes on in this game for me to even be able to talk about it all in one post. The last time i checked i had spent $485 on this game, and years and years playing it. I don’t know the current meta or do i constantly play it now, but what i do know is that this game is an addiction. The only reason i stopped playing it was because i knew if i didn’t get out when i did i would have never stopped, and that $485 would probably be in the thousands by now. What we will talk about is if you haven’t played the game before, should you start now.


League of Legends is a moba, which means “Multiplayer online battle arena” putting that into normal terms means, you and a group of characters fights another group of characters until one completely over runs the other one. this can take 15 minutes, or you can be like me and get into games that stretch well over the hour and a half mark. Stand stills in this game are brutal if you’re just starting out and aren’t able to turn the tide of the battles in your direction. Staying focused in this game is a must, and will make the game go your way much faster, and avoiding the toxic players in this game makes everything better.


playing this game is rage, and everything your teammates due at some point will be annoying and the text chat will be filled with insults. But that’s what makes LoL so fun, the constant yelling and frustration eventually will lead to your team winning the game or the other team giving up. It could end with you giving up and cursing the fact you ever even downloaded the game, which has happened to me multiple times. But i would suggest watching some YouTube videos on how to play, and learn whatever roll you want to play, Mid/Top/Supp/ADC or some good ole jungle action.


We won’t be talking about graphics due to the fact no one watches plays this game for the graphics, you play it for the strategy and competition. Online is all this game is, and seeing how big the tournaments have gotten for this game you can see why. You can practice on bots and then learn new characters and hopefully be able to win in a game with other people, but don’t expect a game with a story line, because you won’t find it in LoL.

League of Legends World Tournament


Don’t get into this game unless you have the time to practice, this isn’t a “pick up for an hour” kind of game, this is a pour hours and hours into so you can hopefully win a couple games type of deal. But if you’re up for a challenge and want to find a game that is rewarding for being becoming good then i would say give it a chance.

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