Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review


Oh we saved the worst for last, I hate Call of Duty. I have for awhile and i don’t see that ever stopping, I think Activision is the worst company in gaming, besides EA. You can tell this game wasn’t as successful as other COD games and you know by how hard they shove micro Transactions down your throat, and how they have completely ignored the community for Black Out. This will pretty much be a hate review for this game and i’m looking forward to it.


If you’ve played one you have played them all, other than no jetpacks and wall running this is just every other COD game packed into a new package with a new name. Standard game modes and no real customization, unless you want to drop $20 for a new skin in the game. Also don’t forget about the $40 hammer they allowed you to purchase with real world money.


Just simple COD graphics, I am almost positive they have been using the same engine for COD since MW2 because everything always seems exactly the same to me. I will say that the multiplayer ran smoother for me on my computer but honestly i’m ashamed i even purchased this game, let alone pre ordered it.


WELL, this game is only online, seeing as how this game is a full priced $60 game, they decided to just skip out on the singeplayer and roll with Battle Royal mode instead of working with an actual story to set the stage for the multiplayer. So we are left with a multiplayer competitive modes that have zero support for the staff, and seem like it takes them months and months to even put one thing in thats worth it, and we have a generic BR mode that has already been forgotten about. Seems like not doing singeplayer was really worth it.


Game is 4/10 without question, it seems like the more and more they make every year. The worse they become, save your money and wait for something worth it, and save your money this year whenever they come out the next installment as well.

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